SEO for 2014

Some say “It’s Dead” ... We say it’s not Dead and the expert’s agree!

Think about it, some people are getting the best use from SEO...
So the question is how to make SEO work in 2014 for you with
Search Engines like Google and Bing.

Mobile SEO Should be Top Priority In 2014
Experts have been going on about the increasing importance of mobile marketing over the last few years, and the data certainly suggest the importance of Mobile SEO have been right all along.

Research conducted with Nielsen shows that 48% of mobile consumers start their purchase journey with paid and organic search results. Approximately 60% of all online devices are now smartphones or tablets.

Mobile usage continues to rise. In fact, data suggests that in 2013, mobile device usage was the only media device type that showed year-over-year increases in consumer usage. If you don’t already have a mobile optimized site you are not going to be able to keep up.

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SEO 2014 Keys

Be Everywhere

Valuable Content

Maximise Engagement

Advertise Correctly

Conversion Optimizer

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